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Marjorie DeHey

A life-long fan of the horror genre, Marjorie DeHey is a multi-award-winning writer, director and producer, who recently wrote and directed her first feature length film - Bottle Monster - featuring Billie Proffitt, industry veteran (and former teen idol) Willie Aames and Emmy-award winning actor Kim Estes. Bottle Monster won Best Horror Film at the Culver City Film Festival and Marjorie won Best Director at the Agropoli International Film Festival. Marjorie also receive the prestigious p.g.a. mark for Bottle Monster.

Often cited for her insight into international productions – from independent films to tent-poles - she has created, sold content, and negotiated deals for top TV and film projects including: Rogue (DIRECTV), the James Bond Franchise, and numerous other top TV shows and films.

A voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (producers of the EMMYs©) and the Producers Guild of America, Marjorie is currently in pre-production on her eagerly awaited 2nd feature-length horror film which she will again direct from her own script. She has written numerous horror screenplays and several television pilots, recently wrote a story for an anthology of women-written horror stories entitled “A Scream in the Night” (published by Black Bed Sheets Books) and is collaborating on a series of thriller/fantasy stories aimed at a Young Adult readership.