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Linda Shayne is a feature film and TV writer and director. Shayne graduated UC Berkeley, worked in mental hospitals with autistic adults and emotionally disturbed children and published a field study on ex-offenders from San Quentin State Prison, which prepared to work as a writer/director in film and TV. Linda Shayne created a comedy TV series for Quincy Jones' QDE, written dramatic and dramedy feature scripts for Imagine, Showtime and Disney. Shayne directed films released by Paramount, Warner Bros. and on HBO. She has directed episodic TV for Nickelodeon. In 2023 Shayne created a comedy TV series to film in Asia and adapted a WW2 book into a mini-series for a Swiss producer.

Linda Shayne wrote and directed an award winning thriller short film which won her a Best Directing Award at the Freedom Festival Intl; Best Thriller Winner at the Hollywood Reel Indep. Film Fest. For a historic drama screenplay, Shayne won Best Script at LONDON New Renaissance Film Fest. and Top 10 at CINEQUEST.
Shayne is AMERICAN/CANADIAN (dual citz.)

Shayne has written movies for X-Filme of Germany and a rom-com for Patriot Ent. Shayne directed a film in Europe that Paramount distributed. She directed a film in the U.S. that Warner Bros. released on HBO.

Shayne recently wrote and directed an Award-Winning Animated Short that is a proof of concept for an animated TV series or film.

Trailer for Film Festival Award-Winning suspense thriller, MIRROR IMAGE, directed by Linda Shayne.