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LaLa Halsema

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LaLa Halsema is an award-winning director, writer, and producer. Her 2022 debut short film premiered in Cannes and went on to screen in 23 festivals internationally, winning 13 awards.

Driven by her love of people and stories about the messiness and beauty of being human, LaLa Founded Shimmer Films in 2011. Shimmer’s first project was an award-winning TV Pilot for kids. Since then, she has written, directed, and produced hundreds of film and video projects which include feature films, short films, television, videos, and commercials. With a degree in theatre and attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, LaLa has a deep love for and connection with actors. Having worked in almost every aspect of production from a Burbank studio to multi hat wearing on independent film sets LaLa thrives on taking a project from creative idea, into production, through final edit - all the while relishing the beloved “crewmunity” built along the way.