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Ksenia Klushina

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Ksenia Klushina is a female director who was born in Cyprus. Raised in Taganrog Russia by Greek and Russian parents, she leveraged this unique fusion of eastern and western cultures to explore new creative possibilities. She attended art school in Russia where she majored in architecture, and continued to develop her passion for photography and filmmaking. At the age of sixteen she moved to London where she attended film school and immersed herself in the complex world of London photography and fashion. After successfully showcasing her film projects at college, in 2014 she moved to LA to achieve her goal of becoming a filmmaker. She enrolled into film school, and acquired the direction and production skills that enabled her to compile an innovative and eclectic portfolio of music videos, commercials, and short films. Realizing the need to obtain business competence to complement her creative capabilities, she enrolled into business school where she acquired the management, marketing, and commercial skills necessary to support her artistic projects. While continuing to build her production and direction skills, she conceived and has been actively involved in setting up a non-for-profit organization.