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Klaudia Kovács

Klaudia Kovács is a multi-award-winning Hollywood Film & Theater Director and a former Academy Award contender in “Best Documentary.”

So far she has garnered a total of 37 awards/accolades, been chosen for Panavision's Young Filmmaker Program, and was sponsored by Technicolor.

Klaudia is also an immigrant and a former foster child who grew up in a military occupation, dictatorship, and country surrounded by barbed wires.
She has lived through unique losses and as a result she understands a variety of experiences people face. At the same time, she has witnessed incredible highs that reinforce her unwavering belief in life and humanity.
As a Hungarian immigrant and dual citizen, she brings together European sensibilities, American business savvy, and cosmopolitan awareness.

Klaudia made her Cold War movie, TORN FROM THE FLAG, with Oscar winner, Vilmos Zsigmond, and cinematography legend, Laszlo Kovacs. The eight-time award-winning picture was invited to 21 festivals, 5 Academy Award-qualifying festivals, and was theatrically distributed by ArcLight Cinemas. The film was also invited to the U.S. Congress and was entered into the Congressional Record. TORN FROM THE FLAG became the most accomplished documentary in Hungarian cinema history.

Klaudia's latest "pandemic short," BROWN PAPER BAG, won “Best Directing” in Cannes at the Int. Cell Phone Cinema Showcase.