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Kimberly Conner
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My journey began in 1997 when I wrote my first screenplay. I started my own Production Company in 2005. My film career started 14 years ago when I wrote, produced, and directed my first film independently. I'm a strong leader. I'm also an effective communicator. I build a strong rapport with the Actors and Crew by gaining their trust and respect. I’ve managed large Casts and Crews. I've learned not only the creative side, but also the business side of film and TV. I have experience negotiating deals with Talent Agents and Managers, as well as Distributors. Experience has taught me how to balance various roles. I started off as a Camera Operator. As a result, I work well with the Director of Photography. I speak their language, which gives me an advantage. This relationship enhances the ability to clearly convey my vision as a Director. As a Line Producer, I know the importance of finishing on time and under budget. I've taken multiple projects from concept to screen. My film, Before 'I Do' is available on Peacock. "Jump In" is available on Amazon Prime. "Lipstick" is in post-production. I'm in great physical shape, accustomed to working 12+ hours a day on set. I'm committed to the craft and dedicated to the work. As an African-American Female Director, I offer a unique perspective, a wealth of experience and untapped creativity, waiting to be expressed on screen.