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Katarzyna Kochany

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KATARZYNA KOCHANY (DGC) directed 2nd unit on the Tier-A TV series GOOD WITCH (Hallmark/Netflix). She directed 2nd unit, guest-directed a scene for main unit, and is part of the producing team on THE MARIJUANA CONSPIRACY, a fiction film based on a true story in 1972, about a disturbing human experiment on a group of young women. The film was picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and Vortex Media.

Katarzyna’s work often touches on themes of ordinary people being caught in-between: between cultures, between loyalties, between tough choices.

She has experience directing projects with VFX and stunts.

She directed all episodes the female-led genre show ZAHARA, which was featured in FORBES, won the IPF Pitch Pit, was nominated for Best Digital Series at BITS, best low budget series at T.O. Webfest 2020, is on Amazon Prime Video USA, and premiered on Super Channel in Canada.

Katarzyna's directing work has played on CBC, Amazon Prime Video, Sofy TV and The BeBop Channel, and earned over 50 awards and 240 official selections at festivals, including Oscar-qualifying Indy Shorts presented by Heartland Film. She directed over 40 projects that played at festivals in USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Greece, India, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain and Kingdom of Swaziland.