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Jen West

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Jen West (she/her) is a writer and director best known for her award-winning narrative shorts (Crush, Bubble, Little Cabbage) and vibrant music videos. A Birmingham, AL native, West is driven by a desire to tell the unsung stories of the South with a strong emphasis on inclusivity and redefining societal norms, especially within fantasy narratives.

She excels in being mediocre at extreme sports, all-things-witchy in the Bible Belt, creating backstories for ghosts, spinning fire staff + poi, and professionally reading tarot for a spectrum of spirits.

In the past, Jen's screenplays have garnered serious attention at both the Atlanta Film Festival & Vail Film Festival, and her screenplay for the upcoming Electric Bleau placed in the top ten at the Park City "Table Read My Screenplay" competition in 2019. Her "Call Me" music video by Alabama band St. Paul & the Broken Bones has over 1M views-and counting! Jen serves on the board for Cucalorus Film Festival in Wilmington, NC, where she was also selected as an artist in residence in 2014. In 2016, she produced two films that were shown at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in the American Pavilion. She was chosen as a finalist for the 2020 Lynn Shelton "Of A Certain Age" grant. Most recently, Jen was based in Atlanta, GA where she co-directed the provocative short Spin, which made the festival round