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Writer/director Chell Stephen was raised in Toronto on healthy doses of music videos, The X-Files and teen dance movies - influences which shaped her debut short film CRYSTAL (SXSW, 2014) a dark comedy about a be-spandexed 17-year-old jerk. Its follow up, Shauna is a Liar, is based on a true story from Chell's youth and features poppy camp visuals, a dash of surreal, plus an earnest beating heart at the center- aka Chell's wheelhouse.
Chell was a Sundance Fellow selected to participate in the 2017 New Voices Episodic Short Form Lab with her series, Kidnapping Brihanna and after completing the 2019 WB Directors' Workshop she will direct an episode of CW's Riverdale this fall. She also directs fashion and music content for brands including L'Oreal, JanSport, Fendi and Givenchy while repping the motherland from "fourth largest Canadian city," Los Angeles.

CRYSTAL from Think/Feel on Vimeo.

YOU'RE ALRIGHT, YOU'RE OKAY // PILOT from Think/Feel on Vimeo.

Shauna is a Liar from Think/Feel on Vimeo.