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Bonné Bartron is an award-winning writer, bestselling author, of Whispers: An American Legend, and director. She began her career while attending Patch American Highschool, in Stuttgart Germany, interviewing bands such as Papa Roach, Disturbed and HIM.
After attending CSU, she moved to Los Angeles and was hired by Chris Moore to work as a PA on Vincent Gallo’s, Promises Written in Water. There she met long-time mentor and friend, Sage Stallone. Sage and Bartron began shooting with his 70’s-90’s era celluloid cameras, taking turns behind and in front of the lens while he shared his passion for technology before the age of digital. During that time she wrote her first screenplay and worked in various crew positions to support herself while learning each aspect of filmmaking from the masters. She AD’d a short starring Randall Park, set decorated horror film, The Telling, at the infamous Playboy mansion, production coordinated a film staring Danny Trejo and many other noteworthy projects from features to commercials, music videos and even fashion shoots.
She sold her first feature length script, Unbridled, which opened in hundreds of theaters. That film prompted her to begin directing, trusting her understanding of how a crew/cast works to achieve a precise vision through collective translation, something that motivates everything she does to this day. See links below for work