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Ashley Karp

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Appynormal Productions
Ashley Louisa Karp
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11818 Riverside Drive
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Valley Village, CA 91607

My filmmaking passion ignited at the age of 3 when I first watched The Wizard of Oz with my father, & the art of filmmaking has had my heart since. There's beauty in the simple fact that a single moment in film can affect anyone, anywhere, at anytime, for an infinite amount of reasons. It brings me so much joy to know that my art could impact others in that way.

I received my Associates Degree at the New York Film Academy for Film. Since then, I continue my passions for the arts through writing, directing, acting & producing my own long and short form projects.

My love for the entertainment of creating various forms of art will never fade, & I aspire to share all forms of my artistry with the world. I love to create with everyone & anyone - art knows no boundaries, and I'm enthralled to work and co-collaborate with others who are just as artistically passionate as myself.