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Ashleigh Coffelt

Ashleigh Coffelt is an award-winning Filipina American writer, director, and cinematographer based in Los Angeles. She studied psychology and business, earning her BS in Psychology, Business, Electronic Media, and Film from Towson University.

Ashleigh has gone on to be a Sundance Screenwriter's Lab Semi-Finalist and has been awarded numerous awards, including “I For I” (director, cinematographer), winner of Best Director at Festival de Cannes with the Creative Mind Group, “5ive” (writer, director, cinematographer, editor), winner of the Grand Jury Award at the Adrenaline Film Festival, and RAW:Baltimore Filmmaker of the Year.

Ashleigh’s stories, often inspired by her own curiosities, delve into a variety of themes such as identity, relationships, and exploring the human experience. Her portfolio of over 100 short films has been recognized in national and international festivals, including the Asian World Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Annapolis Film Festival, and Citizen Jane Film Festival.

She is currently in post-production for a dark absurdist comedy, Leap Year, and in development of a feature film tackling power dynamics, grief, and control.

You can find her live broadcasting music, art, and educational film conversations on four times a week with her creative partner, Courtney Birk.