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Amy DePaola

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Pink Among Men Productions Inc.
Amy DePaola
(973) 296-0265 phone
1201 South Ogden Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90019

At five-foot-one, Amy DePaola is a comedy and dramedy Director with a tall personality. Her work tenderizes dark times and uncomfortable moments with humor and farce. Her most recent credit, an absurdist ensemble comedy short about regret and addiction, “Tiki Bar Funeral Home,” premiered at the Dances With Films Festival in 2023.

Amy’s directing career began when a traumatic event led her into a boxing ring, and she decided to make a film about it. Turning lemons into lemonade, she starred in and fought her first amateur fight for the film, "AmyDee," – keeping all her teeth in the process – proving that as a director, she's ready to take all the punches and will do whatever it takes for the shot.

Amy is a 2023 Blackmagic Collective Future Women of TV Directing Fellow, 2023 Yes And Laughter Lab Finalist, and Stowe TV TV Writers Lab Alum. She is a producing member of the Television Academy, credits include working with Participant Media, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, and The CW, to name a few. She has an MFA in Film from Emerson College and currently studies at The Groundlings. Ask her about her integral role in Joe Jonas’ first-ever stand-up comedy show.

Originally from a land laden with white table-cloth Italian restaurants (Jersey), Amy now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and toddler-like pup, Ruby.