AWD launches Social Sundays

Membership has its perks and one of AWD’s is the camaraderie that is built amongst its fellow filmmakers. Social Sundays are all about cultivating the community of women and gender nonbinary directors. Join us for open discussions as well as small break out rooms. Members, if you have a topic you’d love to have discussed, feel free to email the moderators, or just bring it up at the event! Check your inboxes and calendar pages for registration links.

One thought on “AWD launches Social Sundays

  1. I was interested in whether there are any conversations going on about filming video is it relates to the supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade. I don’t know if other members have experienced anything like this, but one of the last projects I directed that’s been playing in festivals was about this subject and the process from end to end on trying to get something made – something as simple as a sketch to talk about the issue was extremely difficult. One of the things I did a lot of early in my career was political satire and whether it was big companies supporting womens initiative being afraid of even saying the word abortion, or Facebook not even being willing to serve our sketch to our own 28,000 person audience … Who specifically follow us for the work we’ve done in the political satire space – it’s really a disturbing trend. I know it’s a touchy topic, but I’m wondering if having someone like the director of Obvious Child talk about the process of getting that so made might be a good idea for an event or one of the weekend socials and talking about distribution networks that are friendly to subjects like this might be helpful for our members who might be wondering what they can do right now?

    Warm regards and big hugs, Michelle

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