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AWD’s Career Advancement Program is pleased to announce a partnership with Shoot ‘Em Up! Shoot ‘Em Up is a Los Angeles-based show created by Gary Buchler and Monte LaForti (LA producers of The Moth) that explores the evolution of a story to a script to a film, and takes place over three events during a two-month period.

Applications open today (June 13th) and close June 29, 2018 for the FIRST-EVER Female Shoot ‘Em Up! Beginning in July and running through September, the program begins with a night of storytelling. Six (6) AWD storytellers will tell true stories from their lives. A different six (6) AWD members will then have one month to create a short screenplay (5-6 pages) inspired by the story they are assigned. A month later, there will be live reading event of the completed screenplays. The screenplays will then be assigned to an additional six (6) AWD filmmakers, who will have a month to shoot short films inspired by the screenplays. AWD will award each filmmaker with a $1,000 grant to be used toward the production of the short film.

Tentative Event Dates:

Application Open/Close Dates: June 13th thru June 29th
Storytelling Show: July 26th
Live read-through of scripts: August 23rd
Film Screening: TBD

Application Information:

Applicants must be current AWD members and based in LA to participate.

You may apply for UP TO TWO positions (from storyteller, scriptwriter and filmmaker) using this Google FORM.

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