AWD Denounces the Actions of Harvey Weinstein

The Alliance of Women Directors (AWD) was established as an organization of empowerment for our members as well as upcoming women and gender non-conforming directors. Our organization exemplifies hard work and tenacity to the community of women and young girls.

AWD summarily denounces the impropriety and abuse of power exhibited by Harvey Weinstein, others like him, and the system that would enable it. We applaud the University of Southern California for rejecting Weinstein’s insulting offer to fund an endowment for women directors. Weinstein can’t continue to pay women for their silence.

AWD wholeheartedly supports the women who have—and those that will continue to—come forward. They have demonstrated enormous bravery and resilience in putting faces on this ongoing mistreatment and abuse. These mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends are the epitome of the empowerment our organization supports and develops.

Growth is never easy, and it often comes with pain and the reminder that there is no easy road to success. We are confident as we continue to come together.

About Alliance of Women Directors

Alliance of Women Directors fosters a community of professionals to advance the art, craft and visibility of women directors in film, television, & new media.

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