August Member News

Rachel Annette Helson

AWD Member Rachel Annette Helson‘s feature directorial debut, YOU’RE NOT SAFE HERE premiered on Lifetime TV on July 31st. The movie, produced by Stargazer Films, centers on a pregnant woman who, after fleeing an abusive boyfriend, is rescued from a car accident by a friendly married couple. While recovering at their home, however, the woman begins to fear the couple may actually have a sinister plan for her and her unborn baby.

Congrats to Rachel! Keep up with all of her work via Twitter + Instagram!

Monique Sorgen

Congratulations to AWD Member Monique Sorgen, who recently signed with Rose Zhang & James Smith at Aaron Kogan Management.

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Amber Sealey

NO MAN OF GOD, a feature film directed by AWD Member Amber Sealy, will be released in theaters and on streaming and digital on August 27th. The film, which stars Elijah Wood and Luke Kirby, revolves around the strange and complicated relationship between Ted Bundy and FBI agent Bill Hagmaier after Bundy’s sentencing to death by electrocution.

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Susie Singer Carter

Congrats to AWD Member Susie Singer Carter whose fiction podcast “I Love Lucifer,” dropped in June! Susie directed 9 out of the 10 episodes, as well as and co-creating and writing the full series. Starring Adam Levy, the lines of reality blur when two bad-ass, B-Movie babes battle movie monsters by day and real monsters by night in this comedic horror podcast.

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Soma Helmi

Huge congratulations to AWD Member Soma Helmi, who was one of only 6 directors selected from a pool of 330+ for CBSViacom’s ViewFinder Emerging Directors Program for 2021-2023. The program aims to champion the next generation of underrepresented storytellers in the world of television.

Congrats to Soma and all the directors selected! See more of her work on Instagram and Twitter.

Ashley Louisa Karp

AWD Member Ashley Louisa Karp is co-directing two plays at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2021, premiering in August at the Asylum theatre.

“Cheater,” a 15 minute one act play, written by Andrew Cervantes, is a love story with a dark secret. Inspired by Batman’s animated episode, “Mayhem of the Music Meister” is a live action parody of the infamous musical episode of Batman: The Brave and The Bold. More info about both shows can be found here.

Congrats, Ashley! Be sure to keep up with her work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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