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Sacha Smith‘s dark thriller short film, TROLLED, premiered at Cinequest in the Mind Benders Block.

Logline: See what happens when an internet troll gets a taste of his own medicine…

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Bethenny Frankel has joined the cast of the upcoming Lifetime original movie “Danger in the Dorm,” directed by Robin Hays. The film is currently in production and is slated to debut on Lifetime this summer as part of its “Ripped From the Headlines” movie slate. Benjamin Anderson wrote the script. Howard Braunstein, Conor Allyn, Benjamin Anderson and Ilene Kahn Powers executive producing.

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Klaudia Kovács‘s Cannes award-winning film, BROWN PAPER BAG, was chosen out of 24 years of women-helmed movies to be screened at The Valley Film Festival’s FOCUS ON: SHORT FILMS DIRECTED BY WOMEN. The short fiction is about an endearing elderly California man who finds that cream rises to the top.

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